Advanced Initiation Cost & Booking

Advanced Initiation Cost & Booking

Total Cost of the Advanced Initiation Course: US$6050

Includes 69 nights Accommodations, Meals, Up to 32 Ceremonies, Workshops, Presentations, Hotel in Iquitos, Medical Treatment, Transportation, Healing Tools, and more…

A deposit of $850 must be paid to confirm your reservation.
Once you are accepted to the course, you will be given payment instructions for confirming your space with a non-refundable deposit of $850.  The deposit may be paid using a couple of different methods.  The remainder of the cost will be paid upon arrival to Iquitos to begin the course.

The $6050 price includes:

- Accommodations for sixty-six nights at the  Jungle Camp
Rustic accommodations in beautiful jungle settings

- Transportation to and from the Camp
Comfortable buses take students to the trail to hike in

- At least two meals a day, always following the ‘dieta’  in the jungle
Fresh fruit, juice, eggs, steamed vegetables, rice, lentils, quinoa, grilled fish, potatoes, etc.

- Up to 32 traditional ayahuasca ceremonies
There may only be 30 or 31 ceremonies depending on the flow of the course

- An mp3 player with the curanderos’ icaros to be learned
Listening to the icaros is a huge help for learning them

- Translation of all lectures, presentations, workshops, and discussions
Course assistants will also add their own experiences, teachings, and explanations

- Medical treatment of any and all illnesses
The curanderos will attend to all the students’ afflictions

- Healing tools like mapachos, agua florida, and massage pomades
Essential for the study of curanderismo

- DVDs of photos taken and ceremony recordings from the course
Ceremonies will be recorded and pictures will be taken during the course

- Many more gifts and educational items that you’ll pick up along the way
You’ll receive other gifts and healing tools as well

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You’ll need to book your own flights to Iquitos, Peru. If you need any assistance or advice on how to best book your flights, feel free to contact us.  If you book your trip yourself online, then you’ll need to book a flight to Lima, Peru and then book another flight from Lima to Iquitos. You can book the flight to Lima through a number of different websites like expedia or travelocity or orbitz and you can book your flight from Lima to Iquitos at: or or

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