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Skye – Fall Initiation 2011

“Hi, my name is Skye.  I’m 23 years old and I’m from South Africa.  I’ve been drinking ayahuasca for a number of years so I was already aware of the healing potential of ayahuasca and I had a really strong connection to it so I wanted to totally immerse myself in the experience and also learn the science of curanderismo and really learn how to work with ayahuasca on a healing level, both on myself and others.

The course was phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal.  Incredible.  It was phenomenal.  Hard to find words for it.  I mean, in my experience, ayahuasca kinda peels back the layers, almost like that of an onion, and at the center is your divinity.  Ayahuasca is peeling away your self limiting beliefs.  She’s peeling away your habits that are standing in the way of your divinity, your fears, your emotions that block that light, your goodness, your god mind, and every time you drink ayahuasca and work with the curanderismo, you’re peeling back those layers.  So much was peeled back.  So much.  At the same time, she introduces you to this world of spirits that I didn’t even know existed and other dimensions and really got into the multi-dimensional, multi-layered complexity of reality.  You learn to work with it and it totally expands everything.  It’s incredible, and at the same time, she’s really doing deep healing on you in a physiological way, in an emotional way, in a psychological way, and in a spiritual way.  She’s healing your soul, every aspect of you.  It’s a very very very holistic experience.  She did all of that for me and more and it was beautiful, really beautiful.

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It was really comprehensive.  We learned how to clean our bodies, first of all, using various plants and vegetation, which was interesting.  It was tough, it was one of the tougher parts of the course.  The beginning was a little bumpy but it definitely smoothed out after that.  We learned how to do various kinds of healing techniques and how to really really get into the experience, how to rise above it, how to work with it, how to interact with ayahuasca, with the spirits, work with them to heal not only ourselves but others, which was really amazing.  It was very comprehensive.  Carlos and Enrique cover all the bases and the translation was very clear, very beautiful.

The accommodations are amazing.  I’ve been in Peru for a few months before here and have experienced a number of different lodges.  This one blows them all out of the water.  No question.  No doubt about it.  It’s like you are in the jungle.  You are in a community of people who have been here for almost a hundred years, and surrounded by the people who live here and at the same time you are living in this beautiful comfort.  In all the camps I’ve been to, the bugs at this one are the least problem, which is awesome.  I don’t have a huge issue with them but when they’re not always around you it really helps.  The beds, the bathrooms, everything, the decks, just the whole setup, it’s just beautiful, really beautiful.  Mishana itself really adds to the experience.  You have the entire community here, looking after you, supporting you, so friendly, really happy to share their lives with you and integrate with you the whole time and it’s not just a bunch of people in a camp in the middle of the jungle.  You are constantly interacting with the community, which really transforms the experience, especially for me.

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Don Enrique is magnificent.  Also, before here, I worked with a number of different curanderos and, man, no one has come close.  I am so grateful.  I have found my teacher.  Without a doubt, I found my teacher.  I found my path.  I’m even getting goose bumps saying it.  He’s beautiful.  He’s so humble, so humble, so friendly, generous.  That is something that’s really hard to find in a curandero, someone who is generous with his knowledge.  There’s a lot of ego that happens when you start to get these beautiful healing powers and a lot of the time they don’t want to share their knowledge with people from the west, but he is so generous with it.  He’s got this vision of training us to go into the world and heal because he understands that that’s what the world needs right now.  That is what we need to help the planet, to help the jungle.  He is totally in that.  He’s giving all the time, never stops.  Ask a question and he will answer your question.  It’s just amazing.  He doesn’t hold back, absolutely doesn’t hold back.  He teaches you from his heart, from his soul.  In Buddhism there is a term, bodhicitta, it is the heart of awakening, and you can see his bodhicitta, you can feel his bodhicitta.  It’s all encompassing, all enveloping.  He works very well with Carlos.  The two of them are very good at transmitting the knowledge, if you don’t understand Spanish.  He also adds his own flavor.  The two of them make an amazing duo.  It was beautiful, perfect.

I would say that if you are ready to let go of your stuff that is preventing you from becoming all that you can be, if you are ready to ride out the bumps, because there will be bumps, and it can be hard, and it’s not all sunshine and roses, it really isn’t, but all the hard work does pay off, and if you’re ready to work hard, if you’re ready to get stuck into the curanderismo, which is the pillar of the experience; we are not just taking a cup of ayahuasca from a man in the jungle, we are studying curanderismo.  If you are here study curanderismo, really get stuck into the science that comes with the plant medicine, then I say come on out and be ready, be ready to have your life totally changed.

Thank you so much.  Thank you for giving me the real education that I have been wanting my whole life, Carlos and Enrique.  Thanks.”

ayahuasca course - skye and enrique

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