Seminar Curanderos

Seminar Curanderos

The curanderos for this program have been selected because of their commitment to spreading the wisdom of ayahuasca and plant spirit medicine throughout the globe. Their hearts are pure and their desire to heal the world is strong. They believe that many people in other countries are being called to work with the spirit and need guidance as they begin the journey, a journey that the healers of the Amazon Rainforest have been continuing for thousands of years.


With 24 years of experience on the spiritual road, dona Cotrina studied with her Grandparents, who were descendants of a long line of curanderos from the chayahuita tribe, in a small village near Tarapoto. Her knowledge of the plants is extensive and, like most curanderos and curanderas, she works with many other plants besides Ayahuasca. She has healed such afflictions as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many other illnesses. She will be leading the workshop on Ayahuasca preparation.


A highly respected mestizo curandero from Iquitos with more than 25 years experience, don Lucho is the director and founder of KAPITARI, a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of Amazon biodiversity and the investigation of traditional medicines. The organization aims to educate and capacitate local mestizo and indigenous communities in sustainable land-management practices. Don Lucho will be leading the workshop on Medicinal Plants at the botanical garden of the Allpahuayo Reserve.


The daughter of indigenous curanderos (both parents were healers), dona Othelia never had a set initiation, for she grew up in the environment of plant spirit medicine from birth, and thus knew the science her entire life. Her entire childhood was an initiation. Othelia’s specialty is reading cigarettes, a form of divination similar to tea leaves or tarot cards.  She will be explaining how she incorporates it into her healing practice in the Chakapa workshop. She will also be discussing plant bath preparations.


A shipibo curandero originally from a community near Pucallpa, don Enrique now lives in Iquitos spreading his ancestral tradition that was passed on to him from his father, a gran maestro who still lives in his community.  Don Enrique and his wife, Wilma work together to heal patients from all walks of life with all kinds of illnesses.  He will be leading a workshop on the use of tobacco as well as the healing process as a whole, hopefully clearing up any lingering questions for everyone before the last ceremony.

Each curandero will give a 45 minute presentation and answer 15 minutes of questions.
They will each lead a 4-hour workshop and three of them will lead ceremonies during the seminar. You will attend a workshop with every curandero and will have the opportunity to drink in ceremony with up to three different curanderos.

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