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Ayahuasca Foundation Membership

Ayahuasca Foundation Membership

Become a Member of the Foundation!  Show Your Support and Get Involved…

Ayahuasca Foundation Members receive discounts on all purchases of Foundation items, including retreats, courses, and seminars. Members also receive email updates and special online offers, as well as greater access to the directory information. A free gift will be sent to each member upon confirmation of payment. The cost to become a member is $400. We respect your contact information and will not share it with anyone.

Not everyone can come down to the Amazon Rainforest to learn about ancient medicine traditions or indigenous wisdom, but even if you can’t come down, you can still support a movement to preserve the knowledge of environmental harmony and spiritual connection.  The Ayahuasca Foundation has several projects that are only possible because of your help.  Choosing to become a member of the Foundation is a statement, both to yourself and to the world, that you support the preservation of indigenous culture and the spreading of ancient spiritual methods of achieving health, peace, and joy for all beings: plant, animal, human…  mother earth and universe.

Let’s form a community of light workers, people who still have faith that compassion and love will prevail on Earth and heal the sickness and ignorance that currently afflicts so many of our brothers and sisters and decays our mother planet and home.  This is not New Age, we are not hippies, we are just regular people who have been blessed with the awareness of a beautiful and powerful intelligence that is in danger of being lost, and we are determined not to let that happen.  In fact, we are determined to return this intelligence to the rest of the world, so that the lost may find their way, so that we may all feel proud to be human beings, proud to be living our lives the way we do, proud to be what we are… God’s children.

Join us in healing ourselves, our families, our friends, communities, societies, nations, races, species, ecosystems, and planet.  May we all find peace.  May we all find joy.  May all beings be happy.  Peace be with you.

*the discount may not be applied towards the 10 week advanced course

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