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Adrian – September 2011

My name is Adrian.  I’m 39 years old and I’m from Holland.  I already experienced the healing nature of psychedelics and I’ve experimented with them and found out in practice that they healed me in some way but then more in a psychological sense.  Then, I was really curious about how it would be to actually go to a place where you would have someone who was actually experienced in healing and that would guide you through the whole process.  That’s the main reason for me coming here.

For me it was an wonderful experience and the healing was even stronger than I first thought because I thought initially that the healing was more only on a psychological level but I found out that the healing was also on a physical level so it’s much broader than I expected.

I love him.  He’s magnificent.  It’s a bit difficult to describe with words, but he’s a great guy, a great healer.  I couldn’t have wished for a better shaman or curandero, don Enrique.

If I was going to do it again I would read more into it but this is on the basis of the knowledge that I have gained during the retreat, let’s say the Biology of Belief, how beliefs work, how important beliefs are in mental, physical, emotional health and well being.  And keep and open mind, obviously, but I guess that people considering this retreat would have to have an open mind in the first place.

The most important thing I’ll take away from this retreat is the importance of, on the one hand, the realization of the importance of belief and your own thoughts in influencing reality in terms of your own psychological, physical, mental and emotional health.  What I’ve more or less accomplished and what I’m really grateful for is that I had a really strong, firm belief that something was wrong with me which prevented me from fully accepting myself and I really feel that I have been able to get over it so I’ve been able to let go of this limiting belief and replaced it for self love.  I’m not saying that I’m there, I still have a long way to go as everybody, but that the roots of this negative belief are gone, which opened the way for me to actually love myself.

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