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Jason – September 2011

I’m Jason.  I’m forty years old.  I’m from Northern California San Fransisco Bay area.  It’s been a long quest of finding the inner side of life and ayahuasca came to me through other process of self exploration and discovery.  I spent about a year researching it, reading books about it, and checking out retreats online and really got a great vibe when

I came across the Ayahuasca Foundation site and decided to take advantage of it.  I actually applied to the six week course and was accepted but it was full.  A bird in hand is worth two in the bush so rather than wait until next spring when situations could be different I grabbed the opportunity to come down now to the three week retreat and it was definitely the right time for me.

The desire to seek another modality to go inward and explore another part of life and another side of life was found here in a really wonderful wonderful, wonderful, nurturing and loving way. My experience down here has been fantastic.  I came down pretty light hearted with the desire figure out what my path in life was and I got reaffirmed and validated in what that was.  It had come to me before but I just wanted more answers now so I came down with the idea of getting more answers with regard to that.  I ended up getting, like so many testimonials said, so much more.  You come down here and you can come with an objective in mind and you can accomplish that, but there is so much more waiting to be accomplished so the trip has been rewarding on so many levels.  Not just the introspection and clarity and validation in regards to which direction I want to head with life but also in terms of recalibrating your senses, recalibrating your inner sense, your physical senses, emotions, taste, textures, touch… pretty much everything down here.  It’s a real rebalancing and a real grounding experience in so many ways and you add the layers of nature to that, you add the layer of camaraderie with another group of people that creates this synergistic energy that culminates into this amazing experience that blows away even what you came to get ten-fold and more so it’s been phenomenal on every single level: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, intellectual, everything.

Don Enrique is incredibly loving, incredibly compassionate.  He is transparent.  He is open.  He is nurturing.  He is pure energy.  He’s an awesome dude.

This camp is really fantastic.  The community is very caring, very nurturing, very loving, very open.  The energy here is very peaceful, very calm, very supportive and very nurturing.  What’s great about the community is that we’re not just stuck in some commercial venture.  This is a community, it really is, and we’re a community within a community within a community and it’s neat to be able to be a part of that.  Just to come here, even if there wasn’t an ayahuasca element to it, if you just came here and saw how these folks live and reconnect yourself with that whole process of being alive and how we all started this process of forming culture and forming society and working together as a group.  You get to feel that experience here as well.  Again, another layer of experience built into the whole process which I think is invaluable.  I would love for my children to experience this so that they could reconnect with that whole roots concept of being integrated with the world around you, not just the people, the natural world around you.  This is a complete immersion into that experience, which is phenomenal.

If you’re coming to Peru to drink ayahuasca I would say don’t hesitate because you can come down here and any one of those experiences that I’ve just been talking about is worth coming here to have, let alone all of them.  To come to a place where you’re gonna be safe, where you’re gonna feel well taken care of, well provided for, incredibly well supported, and as far as the hanging out in the wild jungle, to have the showers and the river to clean in and the safety and the community support, this is the place for it.  If you’re gonna come to Peru and do an ayahuasca experience, to be able to do it next to a river that you can swim in with a group of people that live here and survive here together, with a group of people that are experienced, talented, loving, like Enrique and Carlos, what more would you want.  You can drop any potential thoughts or concerns that have anything to do with hesitation and just jump in two feet first.  We’ve already tested the waters.  It’s totally cool.

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