Jesse – September 2011

Hi.  My name is Jesse Downs.  I’m 34 years old and I’m from Washington state in the US.   I was wanting some healing for a few things but also I was at a critical juncture in my life where I wasn’t really sure what to do next and I wanted some guidance, some spiritual guidance especially.

It’s been great.  It’s felt like I’ve lived a lifetime in three weeks.  I’ve really been able to almost reprogram myself and undo a lot of negative habits and a lot of negative ways of thinking about myself and my life and my past.  It’s really brought a lot of healing and closure in many aspects of many lingering issues.  It’s great.  It’s fantastic.  It’s been really lovely.  It’s very comfortable.  The location with the Mishana community is fantastic.  Being able to interact with people and being on a reserve is lovely, being able to go hiking and experience the indigenous nature.  It’s also great that there are no mosquitoes here.

He’s a very special man (don Enrique).  I’m especially glad that I chose this retreat because of many things but also because of that.  I feel like he’s a very loving person.  He has a very nice energy and I feel like he has this great enthusiasm to teach, to share his knowledge and he’s a very knowledgeable man with very good intentions.  I feel like he’s very powerful and can heal many things.

Come here, first of all.  This retreat is really fantastic.  I would read some things about what you’re going to expect but most of all I would encourage you to keep a very open mind and try to not impose too many ways of thinking about what is possible and what is not possible, and to listen to your guides that you have here.

First of all, for me it was a lot of emotional healing, but also a kind of renewed realization of self love and forgiveness.

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