Kieron – September 2011

My name is Kieron.  I’m 23 from South Africa.  This is my second time to the Ayahuasca Foundation.  Just continuing learning the science of curanderismo, plant spirit medicine, furthering the journey, connecting more and more with ayahuasca, more with God and with the plants, learning how to heal.  It was a lot more than I expected.  We delved into a lot of the science behind the treatments, how to prepare the remedies, how to use them at home, use them on loved ones and patients there.  The complete healing, the medicines you need, consultations, the openness of the course, a good opportunity to delve into yourself, into healing in general, to working with plants and spirits with different modalities of curanderismo.  It’s an open and safe environment to be healed and learn about healing, and to really get in touch with yourself, see what you need to improve, where to work, what are your options, your path.

The camp has grown beautifully, super comfortable, beautiful, beautiful space.  The course is now run more smoothly.  The facilities are beautiful.  It’s so comfortable.  It provides such a safe and easy space to let go, to be vulnerable, to be powerful, to really come to terms with whatever process you’re going through at the moment in a really safe and caring environment.

Don Enrique is a master healer.  He is a beautiful human with a huge heart.  He’s a true teacher.  He wants to share his power, his vision, he just wants to put it on us and let us heal the world.  I feel completely safe drinking with him and honored to be working with him.  His work is just so potent to the core, enabling.  He’s a beautiful, beautiful person and a master curandero.

As a South African coming to Peru, I’d say take the leap, have faith.  We have a lot of beautiful medicinal plants in South Africa.  Coming here it teaches you how to communicate with those plants, really get back to the roots of healing.  I don’t think it matters where you live, coming down here promotes the art of healing.  It promotes the ability to understand how to connect with nature, with God, with yourself, and in doing so release traumas, release diseases, understand how to heal yourself and how to heal her.  There’s no monetary value on the information you get here.  It’s worth the time, worth the money, and worth a hundred times more than that.  This is a life experience that, if you feel the calling towards plant spirit medicine, this is where it’s happening.  This is the frontier.

The lessons are so many, trying to think of the most important one is difficult, but… strengthening the connection to God and realizing the incredible potential we have within ourselves, all of us.  Seeing yourself as you truly are, it’s incredibly healing, it’s freeing, coming to understand your flaws and your weaknesses and your pain and forgiving it and letting it go, opening yourself to your divinity and the Gods you are.  I think cultivating the connection with the plants, with nature, and just expand, cultivating the connection, growing, and coming more and more into myself, realizing my path more and more, putting the effort into reaching my goals.

I traveled from afar to come back and work with the Ayahuasca Foundation again, with Carlos Tanner and don Enrique Lopez, and it’s just an incredible foundation.  It’s from the heart, it is non-profit.  They teach openly.  This isn’t just healing.  This isn’t just a place to experience ayahuasca.  This is all encompassing curanderismo.  You work with the plants, the medicines, with the barks, vapor baths.  Don Enrique has an openness unlike anybody I’ve ever met.  He just wants to impart his wisdom so hopefully we can help each other, hopefully we can help create a better world.  What’s happening here is incredible to be a part.  I recommend it to anyone who is interested in ayahuasca and plant medicine and plant spirit medicine.  This is where it’s at.

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