Three Week Healing Retreat

Three Week Healing Retreat

A complete healing in just three weeks

The three week ayahuasca retreat is a journey into healing the body, mind, and spirit.  Participants spend 19 days at the Ayahuasca Foundation’s jungle camp, partaking in 9 traditional ayahuasca ceremonies led by the shipibo curandera dona Wilma.  In addition to the ayahuasca ceremonies, participants will also receive plant treatments specific to their afflictions.  This retreat is not just for healing physical, mental, and emotional problems, it is also a great way to explore the self and understand the true nature of reality.

The ayahuasca ceremonies allow each participant to take greater control of their lives, their thoughts, their actions, and their overall health.  The visions that are possible within ayahuasca ceremonies provide participants with the opportunity to play an active role in the healing process, confronting their negativity, past traumas, or possible roots of their illnesses.  The plant treatments further enhance this process, working to boost the immune system, balance the digestive system, purify the nervous system, cleanse the circulatory system, and heal the emotional body.  The treatment is complete and total, effecting positive changes on all levels and allowing the participants to realize the path to their health and happiness.

Accompanying the treatment and enhancing the healing process is a strict diet.  Some participants may need to follow an even stricter diet than the others due to their particular issues, like no eggs or fish, for example.  The diet is a necessary element of the treatment but it is not a difficult sacrifice, thanks to the wonderful cooks we have at the Ayahuasca Foundation Camp.  The basic restrictions of the diet are no salt, no sugar, no oil, and no spices.  A typical breakfast is oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, and rice with steamed vegetables.  A typical lunch is a root vegetable soup with rice or quinoa and a light salad, and dinner is usually similar to lunch.

The plant remedies are typically ingested before meals, but also include plant baths and may include special purgatives to help clean out the system.  Fasting one or two days may also be prescribed if necessary.  The plant baths are very helpful when dealing with afflictions that have roots in the spirit, like traumas or lack of self-love, or if a participant is not having visions in the ayahuasca ceremonies.  Vapor baths may also be used so that participants can absorb the plant medicines in all manner possible.  The purgatives may be difficult treatments, for they require vomiting and diarrhea, but the effects are very positive afterward.

The first week of the retreat is often spent getting to know the curandera, dona Wilma and the program facilitators, as well as getting accustomed to the ayahuasca ceremonies and plant treatment.  This first week is often when strong emotions begin to come out and the participants begin to discover the root causes of their afflictions.  Faith is built during this time and the following week and a half is spent delving deeper into these causes, understanding these roots and working to pull them up in the ayahuasca ceremonies.  The curandera and the facilitators work hard to help each participant find the solution to their issues and realize their total and complete healing of any and all afflictions.

In addition to receiving treatment, ayahuasca retreat participants also have the opportunity to learn a great deal about the healing traditions of the Amazon Rainforest. Several workshops will be held during the retreat to teach various aspects of the tradition, the use of mapacho, agua florida, plant baths, vapor baths, opening a ceremony, and singing the sacred healing songs, called icaros.  When participants leave our ayahuasca retreat, they not only return home with health and happiness, but also with the knowledge of how it was achieved, which can be invaluable when embarking on a new path in life, the true path meant for each person.

The Total Cost of the Three Week Retreat: US$2150

Here is an example of the Itinerary for the Three Week Retreat:
SUNDAYArrive and move in to hotel for one night. Meet curandera and participants.
MONDAY - Head out to the Jungle Camp. Ceremony preparation. CEREMONY #1
TUESDAY – Morning purgative treatment. Private consultations with dona Wilma.
WEDNESDAY – Medicinal plant vapor bath treatment. Plant remedies CEREMONY #2
THURSDAY – Continue vapor baths and plant remedies.
FRIDAY – Continue vapor baths and plant remedies.  CEREMONY #3
SATURDAY – Continue with plant treatments and diets. .

SUNDAY – Vapor baths and remedies. Guided meditations. CEREMONY #4
MONDAY – Cold water plant baths begin. Remedies continue. Inhalent remedy.
TUESDAY – Cold plant baths and remedies continue. CEREMONY #5
WEDNESDAY – Plant baths and remedies continue. Meditation. Workshops.
THURSDAY – Continue the plant treatments. Icaro workshop. CEREMONY #6
FRIDAY – Continue treatments. Swim in the river. Relax and enjoy the jungle.
SATURDAY – Meditation, discussion, treatment, concentration. Rest. CEREMONY #7

SUNDAY – Ceremony review. Hike in the jungle with Mishana Guide. Rest and relax.
MONDAY – Ceremony preparation. Just two ceremonies left. Rest. CEREMONY #8
TUESDAY – Private consultations with facilitators about future paths and health.
WEDNESDAY – Putting it all into the last ceremony. Rest and prepare. CEREMONY #9
THURSDAY – Finish the plant treatments. Final review .
FRIDAY – End diet. Head back to Iquitos and have lunch. Spend the last night in hotel.
SATURDAYAfter breakfast, say goodbyes and prepare to leave…

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17 Responses to “Three Week Healing Retreat”

  1. I am very interested in attending one of your retreats (though I can’t make this one as I am a college student and the retreat is in the middle of the semester). I have been on a very enlightening spiritual journey for the last six years that has more and more revealed me to myself. I have trained under two reiki masters and a Peruvian shaman. A retreat would seem to me to be a reasonable next step for me since I believe I have plateaued. my only concern is money as I have no job right now. I can most likely afford the trip as long as airfare is included in the total price you listed. please send me an email and let me know if it is included when it is convenient for you. It would be greatly appreciated if you could self identify or mention the ayahuasca foundation in the subject line so that i don’t accidentally delete it. thank you.

  2. Kalin,
    Unfortunately, airfare is not included. I understand that it is difficult for someone with no income to afford a the retreat, and I have offered payment plans in the past, but have not had good luck with people making their payments. We try to keep our prices affordable, and there are few retreats on the web that charge less than we do, none with accommodations like our jungle camp, but even with lower prices, not everyone can afford to go. I wish they could. We have a retreat in January that might work for you, and you could ask everyone you know that might give you a Christmas present to contribute to the trip instead, especially if you work out a way to incorporate it into your studies at school, like talking to your dean about receiving credit for it and writing a paper or documenting your experience and the Amazon culture. My apologies if you cannot make it now, but there is always time in the future, when you do have some income and can afford it. Good luck!

  3. Hi. I am interested in attending one of your 3 week healing retreats. However, I am in school, and both of the healing retreats offered in 2011 fall during the course of the spring semester. I see that you offer an initiation experience next fall, but I feel that I have some healing that I need to focus on prior to participating in the initiation. I am wrong in this assumption? I am very interested in working with curandero to move past some of the blocks in my life, but I don’t want to wait until the year 2012 for another healing retreat. Are there other options? Is it possible to schedule trips at different times? Any information is greatly appreciated.

  4. Hey,
    Just a quick wondering really, does the retreat offer any kind of volunteering, i.e help maintaining, greeting guests, prepairing meals etc? in return for accomodation for an extended period of time?

  5. Carlos,

    How many people are allowed on a 3 week retreat? Is there ample time for solitude?
    will I sleep in my own room or share with others? Is there a strenous hike to the camp location.

    thanks in advance,


  6. 17. Dec, 2010 at 3:19 am

    bula carlos.
    i would love to join you on one your camps next year, i need to know if you have any thing in the september 2011 area, 2 or 3 weeks sounds fantastic.
    keep up the good work,

  7. Carlos,

    I’m interested in the September retreat and I was wondering how many people you take into the retreats, how far in advance should a person register, and if you have any suggestions for domestic airlines between Lima and Iquitos.



  8. Matt,
    We take a maximum of ten people. It’s good to register as early as possible as the retreats typically fill up quickly. We still have a few spots left for the September retreat. I can purchase your domestic airfare for you for $200 if you would like, as there is a less expensive airline here but they do not have online purchasing. Otherwise, LAN charges a $178 fee for foreigners to travel.

  9. Dear Carlos,

    I would like to attend the three week healing retreat in september 2011. I have registered using the form online, but have not received any information since. Can you please inform me about the possibilities? Many thanks in advance.



  10. Ad,
    You should have received a message. I can see that it was sent out to you, but perhaps it ended up in your spam. I will send it again right now. Sorry about that. Hope to meet you in September!

  11. Dear Carlos,

    Something seems to go wrong with my hotmail account, since I have not received any mail as of yet. I will register once more with a different e-mail address, maybe that works better. Thanks for all the help, and really looking forward to meet you in September.


  12. Dear Carlos,

    I was wondering if there’s still room for the September retreat? I know I’m cutting it a little bit close but have been researching Ayahuasca for a while and just stumbled upon this site a couple days ago. I would love to discover what Ayahuasca has to show me and what I need/want to learn about myself. Thank you for your time.


  13. There is still space for the September retreat, but I recommend registering quickly as many people have registered, but we are still waiting for deposits to confirm their spots. I hope to meet you in September…

  14. Just is case you still haven’t received my messages, I recommend looking in your spam folder as I have emailed you several times. I’m getting your messages, so let me know if you still haven’t gotten anything.

  15. Hi all those who are thinking to visit this wonderful place. I do wish to come in February for the 3 weeks retreat but I am to come alone ( from Europe, Czech Rep.) is there anyone who plans to come to possibly accompany me?

  16. Hello Carlos,

    I am interested in your August 2 week retreat but have to finalize some work commitments first. Can you tell me what is the best way to get to your location from Toronto airport. Do I fly to Lima and take a domestic flight or straight to Iquitos.

    Also do you have any 2 week retreats in October or November, December.

    Is the food included as part of the cost.?

    Thank you kindly,

  17. You have to fly to Lima first, unless you book through Copa Airlines, who does have a direct flight to Iquitos from Panama City. From Lima, you would then take a domestic flight to Iquitos. We have a retreat in October, and it is possible that we will have one in December, but that has yet to be determined. Food is included.

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