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Two Week Healing Retreat: $1750

Two Week Healing Retreat: $1750

Finding a New Direction on Our Paths

Our Ayahuasca Retreats begin in Iquitos, the world’s largest jungle city, inaccessible by roads due to its location deep within the Amazon Rainforest.  An assistant healer from the Ayahuasca Foundation staff meets retreat participants at the airport in Iquitos and accompanies them to a hotel where the group will gather and have dinner together.  Then in the morning, the group travels deeper into the forest to the AF Jungle Camp where they are treated by an authentic indigenous healer, called a curandero, who provides various treatments and helps each participant navigate the spiritual dimensions accessible in ayahuasca healing ceremonies.  The science of plant spirit medicine, curanderismo, is one of the oldest medical traditions in the world, capable of healing afflictions and bringing us back to a state of harmony in our lives.

Once retreat participants reach the jungle camp, they’ll settle in to their comfortable accommodations and get ready for their first ayahuasca ceremony.  The rooms are completely screened in, have locking doors, and come with two beds, night stands, furniture to store clothing, a desk, and two chairs.  Each room has its own bathroom, which is fully tiled, with running water, flushing toilets, sinks, showers, and all the amenities you might expect in a hotel.  Having very comfortable accommodations lets retreat participants focus on their healing without the distractions of being bitten by bugs, sleeping in uncomfortable beds, or dealing with less than favorable conditions.

Having a ceremony the first night that we arrive to the camp allows the curandero to make an accurate diagnosis of each participant so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.  For the AF healing retreats the curandero is a healer from the shipibo tribe named don Ronor.  The assistant healers will translate for the participants throughout the experience and will assist in preparing them for the ceremony and help them through what can sometimes be a very powerful experience.  The assistant healers also lead meditations and workshops and perform complimentary healing as well.  Together, don Ronor and the assistant healers ensure that everyone in the ceremony is safe and well looked after, so that any anxiety or trepidation is reduced as much as possible.

During the following eleven days, participants will receive whatever treatment is needed to heal their afflictions.  This often involves taking medicinal plant remedies, purgatives, bathing in plant preparations, vapor baths, massage therapy, inhalents, and counseling, in addition to the ceremonies.  The assistant healers will explain each aspect of the healing process so that participants understand how they can take part in their own healing.  The ayahuasca ceremonies will provide the ultimate opportunity to do just that, as well as give the curandero the assistance of the plant spirits, angels and saints, and God.  Ultimately, it is not the curandero who heals, it is the love of God working through the healer, the plants, and the spirit.

In addition to the healing work, all the ayahuasca retreat participants will also have the opportunity to learn a great deal about the science of healing being used by the curandero during their stay.  Participants will take part in several workshops demonstrating the various techniques and methods of using medicinal plants to treat illnesses.  Not only will the healing take place, but also a great deal of education in the indigenous healing traditions of the Amazon Rainforest.  By teaching the tradition during the treatment, the treatment is enhanced, and the knowledge will be a great aid to each participant when returning home.

After twelve days in the jungle, six traditional ayahuasca ceremonies, and a variety of healing remedies and treatments, participants return to Iquitos with a new lease on life, having turned the corner on their problems and found the path leading to their complete health and happiness.  It may take more time to achieve this, so more medicine will be available to bring back home and continue treatment, if necessary.  Once participants return to Iquitos, they will have time to decompress and process their experiences in the jungle, and to enjoy the beauty and culture of the Amazon Rainforest.

Cost of the Two Week Healing Retreat: US$1750

Includes 13 nights Accommodations, Airport pick-up, Hotel in Iquitos, Transportation to and from Jungle Camp, Meals, 6 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Personalized Medical Treatment,  Workshops, Lectures, Guided Hikes into the National Reserve, and more…

A deposit of $450 must be paid to confirm your reservation. 
Once we receive your registration form, you will be sent payment instructions for confirming your space with a non-refundable deposit of $450.  The deposit may be paid using MoneyGram or paypal.  The remainder of the cost will be paid upon arrival to Iquitos to begin the retreat.

The $1750 price includes:

- Pre-Ayahuasca Counseling Session
One counseling session prior to the retreat with a qualified counselor

- Accommodations for two nights at a hotel in Iquitos
For the first and last nights of the retreat – the hotel has wi-fi and pool

- Accommodations for eleven nights at the Foundation’s Jungle Camp
Comfortable accommodations with private bathrooms and limited electricity

- Transportation to and from the Camp
Air conditioned bus (1 hour) and fast boat (1 hour) make for an amazing journey

- At least two meals a day, always following the ‘dieta’ during the stay in the jungle
Fresh fruit, juice, eggs, steamed vegetables, rice, lentils, quinoa, grilled fish, potatoes, etc.

- 6 traditional ayahuasca ceremonies
Led by an indigenous curandero and assisted by three assistant healers

- Translation of all consultations, ceremonies, lectures, and discussions
Assistant healers will also add their own experiences, teachings, and explanations

- Medical treatment of any and all illnesses
The curandero and AF staff will attend to every participants’ afflictions

- DVDs of photos taken and ceremony recordings from the retreat
Ceremonies will be recorded (audio only) and digital photographs will be taken

- Other gifts and educational items that you’ll pick up along the way 
You’ll receive other gifts and healing tools as well

- Post-Ayahuasca Counseling Session
One counseling session after to the retreat with a qualified counselor

Here is an example Itinerary for a Two Week Retreat:
> SUNDAYSpend the first night in a hotel in Iquitos with the rest of the group. You may want to arrive a day or two earlier to rest and get acclimated to the climate and environment.  At 4pm: Meeting with the group and assistants to discuss the details of the retreat, then have dinner together with the curandero.
> MONDAY - At 10am: Head out to the Jungle Camp. (1hr by bus & 1hr by boat).
Have lunch, get settled, and have another meeting to discuss the ceremony/preparation.
> TUESDAY – Morning purgative treatment to prepare the body for the plant treatments.
Private consultations with the curandero, aided and translated by the assistant healers.
Oral plant remedies begin: each participant receives plant medicine to take for 10 days.
> WEDNESDAY – Vapor baths begin with a mixture of five medicinal plants for 4 days.
Guided meditations and Yoga led by the assistants also begin. Plant remedies continue.
> THURSDAY – Medicinal plant inhalant treatment to cleanse the sinus passages.
Vapor baths, remedies, meditations, and yoga continue.  Swimming in the river, relax.
> FRIDAY – Assistant healer led workshop to enhance the healing benefit of treatment.
Vapor baths, remedies, meditations, and yoga continue. 

> SATURDAY – Purgative and blood cleansing treatment for some participants.
Vapor baths, remedies, meditations, and yoga continue. Read, rest, and relax.

> SUNDAY – Cold water plant baths begin.  Curandero led lecture and discussion.
Remedies, meditations, and yoga continue. Swimming, reading, journaling, rest.
> MONDAY – Medicinal plant treatment to purify the central nervous system.
Plant baths, remedies, meditations, and yoga continue. Fun and games with group.
> TUESDAY – Stronger plant inhalant treatment for further cleanse of sinuses.
Plant baths, remedies, meditations, and yoga continue. Ceremony preparation and rest.
> WEDNESDAY – Hike in the jungle with Mishana Guide. Visit ayahuasca vines.
Plant baths, remedies, meditations, and yoga continue.  Integration discussion.
> THURSDAY – Finish the plant treatments. Treatment review and discussion.
Meditations, and yoga continue. Take pictures, prepare, and begin to pack.
> FRIDAY – End diet. Finish packing. Say goodbyes to the Mishana community.
Head back to Iquitos and have lunch together. Spend the night in the hotel.
> SATURDAYHave breakfast together. Say goodbyes and prepare to leave…

You must fill out the registration form below to sign up for the retreat. After we receive your registration form, you will receive an email letting you know if there is space for you.  If the retreat is not full, you will receive confirmation instructions for paying the required deposit. A non-refundable deposit of $450 is required to confirm your spot. Once we receive your deposit, you will receive a confirmation letter with some additional travel information and advice.  To start the process, please fill out the form below:

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You’ll need to book your own flights to Iquitos, Peru. If you need any assistance or advice on how to best book your flights, feel free to contact us.  If you plan on traveling in Peru before or after the course, then you’ll want to book a flight to Lima, Peru and then book another flight from Lima to Iquitos. You can book the flight directly to Iquitos or to Lima through a number of different websites like cheapOair or expedia or travelocity or orbitz and you can book your flight from Lima to Iquitos at:  or  or

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