Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

The Ayahuasca Curandero Seminar’s schedule has been revised over the last three years, using the experiences of the first two Seminars to gain helpful insight into making improvements for this year’s event.  Because the emphasis is on teaching the healing traditions within curanderismo, we have designed this schedule to maximize the opportunities for participants to learn the sacred science of plant spirit medicine.

Schedule from Sunday, July 22 to Saturday, July 28, 2012:

SUNDAY July 22nd: You may arrive early if you choose, but registration will take place for most of the day.  Participants will arrive to the hotel, register, and settle in and in the afternoon at 3pm, an opening ceremony will take place followed by introductions from each curandero and the Seminar staff.  The schedule will be explained and questions will be answered.  A short film will be shown before dinner.

MONDAY July 23rd: The first workshop will begin.  Seminar participants will be split into five groups and will go to different locations to take part in the first workshop.  There will be a break for lunch and then the second half of the workshops will go on.  The first ceremony will take place in the evening, with the five curanderos each holding a ceremony in a different location.

TUESDAY July 24th: The second workshop and the groups change.  The grouping has been designed so that each person has at least one workshop with every other person at the seminar.  That way, by the end of the event, everyone has gotten to know each other.  The workshops after ceremonies start later to let people get enough sleep.  After the workshops there is free time to rest more, meet and talk with other seminar participants, swim in the pool, or just hang out.

WEDNESDAY July 25th: Breakfast and lunch are served during days with ayahuasca ceremonies, and dinner is served on days in between.  Workshops continue, each person cycling through all five workshops with the five different healers.  By the end of the seminar, each person will have participated in nearly 30 hours of healing workshops, as well as three ayahuasca ceremonies.  The second ceremony will take place tonight.

THURSDAY July 26th: The workshops begin again.  By now, people will have talked to each other about the different workshops and items they received or made, so each person will be excited about his/her upcoming workshop.  Of course, if someone is still tired they can attend as much or as little of the workshops as desired.  We want to make sure to offer as much as we can, but however much you want to take in is up to you.

FRIDAY July 27th: The final workshop as well as the final ayahuasca ceremony.  The amount of teaching that we have put into this seminar is immense.  Participants will definitely leave understanding the sacred science of plant spirit healing in the Amazon traditions.  During the free time, people may ask more questions as well or just talk with the curanderos, who will always be with their translators/assistants.

SATURDAY July 28th: After a late breakfast, there will be a short presentation followed by the closing ceremony.  Check out will be a couple of hours later, but if anyone would like to stay another night, arrangements can be made.


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